The AOL mail offers a good bunch of features to the users including storage capacity, virus protection, security, spam filters to name a few. Also, it comes with several advanced functionalities like mail system, chatting and the list continue.
For your better understanding, we have come up with this column that explains you about the [url=][b]AOL mail[/b][/url] , its features, specifications, functions and how to use the same. Give it a quick read.
[b]Features Of AOL Account[/b] :
It is very important to know the details of a specific thing before you start using it and same with the case of your handles in networking systems. We have compiled the list of features of AOL mail. Check out below
1.Get the AOL mail account for absolutely free. Yes, it costs you nothing
2.And the AOL offers unlimited storage for all the users.
3.The AOL attachment limit is up to 25 MB
4.It works brilliantly for businessmen and for similar professions
5.Another advanced feature of AOL is the Panels
6.You can also sort out the order of your emails in the Inbox
7.We say create new folders and then organize your mails
8.The AOL comes with the spam filter option, which is great !
9.The platform also protects your account from virus
10.Your accounts are super safe and you can relax !
11.It comes with user friendly interface
12.The AOL is easy and simple to use
13.Another interesting aspect of the platform is that the AOL works alike My Address
14.The users can choose their own domain names
15.Interestingly, you can also invite your friends up to a number of 100 to be part of your domain.
16.It works at a good pace and also has spell check feature
17.Other prominent features include – IMAP access, plain text composer, , choice of HTML, image blocking and several others.
18.The user can also send messages. We say the Instant Messaging is the best feature of AOL
19.The ‘To Do’ link of the AOL mail helps you to follow up your mails
20.The Calendar link is another attractive feature of the system

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